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Comments for 'GGC Life TV'

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What a refreshing program. Looking forward to hearing more wonderful stories of how God is impacting lives. More please...
David, Sydney 3 Feb 2013
love the preaching this guy does
Jo, Sydney 20 Jun 2012
Love it!!! Excellent program for every day australians who want to grow in their faith in god!!!
Lori, Sydney 5 Mar 2012
What an awesome program!! Love the word that is preached, effective and Relevent to what is going on around us! Need more shows like this
Sal, Sydney 5 Mar 2012
Great show - very inspiring and relatable message. Excellent format! Would love to see more of this!!
Ayla, Sydney 4 Mar 2012
Wow, amazing message this morning. Specifically enjoyed the testimony that was shown today on the man pursuing law. Looking forward to next week.
Leon, Sydney 22 Feb 2012
I watched the program online via iPhone for the first time today! All links were easy to understand and follow. The testimony used was inspirational and very close to home so that really spoke to me. The message Leo brought was clear, to the point and very much a word in season for me! To all involved 'job well done'! Luv the heart of the Pastors and the Church. Keep it coming ...
Michelle, Rooty Hill NSW 15 Feb 2012
Inspirational show and great to start off my day, very uplifting and helpful. I love it. :-)
Curtis, Sydney 12 Feb 2012
What an unreal show!!! A great message about gods kingdom! Let's have more shows like this!!!
Sal , Sydney 12 Feb 2012