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ACCTV is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Channel and is available right across Australia on various broadcasting platforms. ACCTV's fresh approach to Christian Broadcasting is creating a new model for Christian Television, which is reflected in our fresh and relevant programming schedule. ACCTV offers a wide variety of programming options, including Children’s, music, lifestyle, documentaries, movies and teaching programs just to name a few. Programs are sourced both locally and internationally so that ACCTV can provide the best balance of programs to meet all age groups, interests and needs - based on positive, uplifting values that any one can watch without fear or concern of what they may see. ACCTV provides a positive alternative that every family member will appreciate.

ACCTV was launched April 1, 1999 on Optus Vision and today is available on every major pay TV network in Australia. Currently, the potential audience is approximately 7 million people.

The growth of the contemporary Christian church in Australia is accelerating. The market for Christian media, be it teaching or music is expanding rapidly. For instance, Australian Christian artists are at the forefront of contemporary Christian music worldwide. ACCTV is representative of these developments and is a strategic media platform for the broad spectrum of Christian values, issues and interests.

Commercial placement is in between programs and is approximately 4 minutes per hour shared with promotional spots and Channel ID’s.

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